Joel Frahm, Grand Central

Photo by Tory Williams

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Download the Transcription: BbEbCBass Clef

Today’s transcription features Joel Frahm’s solo on the Coltrane tune ‘Grand Central.’ This track is from Matt Wilson’s 1999 album ‘Smile.’ I decided to transcribe this solo for several reasons:

  1. Joel’s time and feel are impecable at this incredibly fast tempo (about 300bpm!).  What better way to practice speed and feel than by playing along with a great example of fast playing.
  2. The changes are moderately challenging; this is a tune I could certainly use some work on.  Specifically I wanted to learn the first bridge the Joel plays as Db is not a key I’m very comfortable in.  Seeing how he deals with the fast ii V’s as well as the Db7b5 chord are quite instructive as well.

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